09 April 2014

Video: Sophie Hurden and her Traveler's Notebooks.

After the first video post about Jess Torina's Midori Traveler's Notebook,
I've been searching for videos about how other users use their Traveler's Notebooks.
I also have a fair share of users sharing their videos with me.

So, today, let us see how Sophie Hurden uses her Traveler's Notebooks. 
But before we watch the video, I've asked Sophie some questions,
that we all are curious to know:

(1) How do you started with Midori Traveler's Notebook (MTN)?
Sophie:  I believed I first became interested by looking at Ray's blog, My Life All in One Place,
and then joined the Facebook group - they are a bunch of enablers. 

(2) Why do you choose MTN?
Sophie: I used Filofax but the rings got in the way (I'm a left handed).
You get more page real estate, no rings and a lighter carry with Traveler's Notebook! 

(3) Will you like to share with us a little about your current system inside your MTN? 
Sophie: I am using three booklets: 
a month on 2 pages grid for planning, 
a grid notebook for my journal system, 
and a third notebook for random notes.

So much about Sophie and her Traveler's Notebooks, and let us watch her video:

~ Everyone Deserves a Notebook ~ 

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