31 January 2014

Word. Notebooks Now Available in Singapore

Word. Notebooks are now available in Singapore

25 January 2014

Blank and Write New Year Resolution Giveaway!

Recently, Blank and Write Shop runs a Giveaway on our Facebook page, 
asking our friends to share with us their New Year Resolutions,
and we'll give away 1 pack of Word. Notebook to a lucky winner. 

Congratulation to Jennifer Jimenez, whose new year resolution caught our attention.
We are planning for more Giveaway, we hope you can be part of it.
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~ Everyone deserves a Notebook ~ 

My 2014 Resolutions Book....

The Experiment:
149 subjects were divided into groups, some of which wrote down their goals and some didn’t.

At the end of four weeks, subjects were asked to rate their progress and the degree to which they accomplished their goals.

The Results: 
Goal achievement was 52% higher when people wrote down their goals.

11 January 2014

5 Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing.

1. Because it will force you to clarify what you want.

2. Because it will motivate you to take action.

3. Because it will provide a filter for other opportunities.

4. Because it will help you to overcome resistance. 

5. Because it will enable you to see - and celebrate - your progress. 

08 January 2014

Another leather cover from Monique Vanmeulebrouk

Back in November 2013, I wrote a post about the leather cover that I've gotten from 

Shortly after that, I emailed Monique to request for another leather cover; but this time, 
its for me younger sister, Xuan. 

Monique and I had a short discussion about leather cover - 
the color = Brown;
 the size = FN Size;
the type of inserts = Graph and Line. 
And I leave the rest to her creation.

I wasn't expecting anything fancy, but just a neat leather cover for my sister as a birthday and Christmas gift will be enough.

But.... my jaws dropped when I saw her reply (with pictures) on my Facebook:

Photo from Monique

Photo from Monique

05 January 2014

Karas Kustoms Machined Pen - The Bolt Brass

Picture taken from Karas Kustoms site.
"The Bolt is a machined, bolt-action pen body. It weighs 2.8 ounces and is 5.625" in length (overall). This pen body uses any Parker ballpoint compatible refill (including the Fisher Space Pen refill) and features a stainless clip and hardware. We designed The Bolt to be fun to use and to be extremely durable. This may be the last pen you ever have to buy. Each pen is machined from solid brass, in our shop, right here in the good ol' USA."

Today's post is about the pen that I bought recently from Karas Kustoms.
Karas Kustoms is well-known for some of their machined pens like Render k, The Bolt, and Retrakt. Those pens are made either in aluminium, brass or copper. Pens made in such materials can sure withstand some heavy duty treatments. 
Some of the pens were started on KickStarter, and they've got many attentions.

Davis Leatherworks with Field Nuts Logo

Few months ago, I chanced upon Chris Davis' (owner of Davis Leatherworks) post on the leather cover with Field Nuts logo, and it got me tempted.

Since I have been eyeing at some of Davis Leatherworks' product, I decided to purchase this unique cover. 

Few weeks ago, I got the cover in my mailbox. 

This is the front of the leather cover.
According to Chris, the color of the leather should be Brown CXL.

01 January 2014

New Year, New Leather Cover, New Systems

A Happy New Years to all my readers! 

May you have a blessed 2014 ahead, and 
your Love for notebooks grow over the days. 

Over the months, I have gotten some new stuffs; and I will review them slowly.

But today, I am going to introduce the new notebook cover that has been my EDC (Every Day Carry) for the past few week - Cody's Traveler's Notebook.

Among all the leather covers that I have, I must say, I really like this cover a lot. 

I am attracted by the natural leather color, the softness and the smell of the leather.