06 April 2014

My new Navy Blue Cover by Cody Williams.

When Cody came to Singapore (as I shared in the previous) post, 
he brought me a new leather cover, and a pair of stationeries (Zebra 701 series). 

Thanks again Cody.

The design for this cover is totally different from the previous one.
Cody gave this leather cover a professional-look by doing a complete stitching around the cover. 
And he embossed m name at the bottom right corner.

Instead of using an elastic cord to close the cover,
we'll close the cover by inserting a pen into the pen loop. 

The inner side of the cover consists of 2 elastic cords, and 2 pockets. 
The elastic cords are for holding the notebooks, and the pockets are for the loose papers.
I have yet to try, but I believe I can put the notebooks into the pockets as well, 
and slot in the kraft paper file folder into the elastic cord. 
(I will try it out and create a new post for that)

Nothing fancy at the back of the leather cover. 

Cody is not a leather crafter by profession, and he uses his free time to do these covers. 
And I am totally in love with his covers. 

If you are searching for a cover, you might want to visit his Etsy shop: CodyWms.
You can discuss with him the preference for your cover, and seek out the advises from him. 

And if you are also a bag-lover, check out the bags (messenger / backpack) he made as well.
I am in the midst of designing a bag (or maybe 2) for myself, handmade by Cody.

Not forgetting!
Cody had also created some leather covers for E2 Field Gear
And they are now available on the website.
There are 2 leather designs available: 
Do check them out. 

All reviews are written from my personal experiences with the product.
I have no financial gain for promoting the products.

~ Everyone Deserves a Notebook ~

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