18 April 2014

Filofax - File of Facts

I have been hearing this name for the past months when I was researching about 
Midori Traveler's Notebooks. 

The last time I own a filofax style of diary was like 20 years ago.
It was a "MUST-HAVE" item for every student back then.
It was a Good-to-have, but Troublesome to carry around.
Most of the Filofax I had were too thick, and big, to carry around. 
Beside the size, another reason is that 
my handwriting style doesn't allow me to write on Filofax,
because the 6-rings binder gets in the way!!!

But...... in 2014,
I got a new Filofax style dairy from my best pal.

It's a Starbucks 2014 planner.
(In order to get it, you need to top up SGD$120 onto the Starbucks card)

I love the look of it - Sexy and professional.  

Taking a look inside.

Argh... the 6-rings binder.
I've tried using it for a few times, 
but it's just doesn't suit me.

Despite my non-liking for Filofax style dairy / journal, 
I still enjoy looking at how users personalize their Filofax.

 Maybe somedays, I might return to Filofax. 

~ Everyone Deserves a Notebook ~

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