06 April 2014

A meet up with Cody Williams!!

If you follow my earlier post, New Year, New Leather Cover, you will know that 
Cody is the guy who made me my EEDC (Essential Every Day Carry) - My Leather notebook cover. 

My EEDC - Essential Every Day Carry. 
Cody had a short stay in Singapore, and we arranged for a meet-up.

I met with him at Betel Box Backpacker Hostel, the hostel where he stayed, 
and we had a whole day ahead of us.

During breakfast, I had the opportunity to looked at his Hibonichi planner, 
andthe backpack he was carrying. 

I was amazing by his drawings in the planner (too bad I didn't captured some photos), 
and add-on to my surprise, he made his own backpack. 

We did a lot of walking that day (which I regretted, we should have taken the public transport). 

And during one of our "water-breaks", 
I had Cody hold the 2 leather covers he made for me and took a picture. 

We visited The Pinnacle@Duxton for the sunset.
Glad to have Cody to bring me up to the Sky Garden, else, I don't think I will ever venture up there.

While waiting for the sunset.

The moment when the sun is setting down (fast).
We end off the meet-up with a good dinner at Chinatown.

It was a good meet-up!!! 

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