04 April 2014

Took a break.... and I'm coming back......

Nope.... I am not dead yet.
If you are on Midori Traveler's Notebook Resources group on Facebook, 
you'll know that I am still ALIVE (and kicking).

Too many things occupying me for the past weeks
- my work
- thinking of new ideas for the generating attention for Word. Notebooks
- thinking of creating a Writers' Culture
- creating a some new notebook covers
- the passing of my uncle
- a trip back to Indonesia
- fighting with a bud in me
- and the list goes on.......

And the ultimate reason on why I haven't been blogging is because:
I haven't been using my Mac Book for sometimes.  
I am sorry, but I hate to blog on my iPad; the apps just doesn't work for me.

Looks like I am going to Refresh my Life, again. 

Stay Tune... for more updates.

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