27 November 2013

What's in my Raydori?

This is a long delayed post which I wanted to create a few weeks back. 
As I am in the midst of setting up an online retail shop,
Blank and Write, selling 3.5" x 5.5" notebooks (that's the plan for now),
I faced slowness in sharing my love for notebooks. 

So, What's in my Raydori? 

Few weeks back, I shared how I got my Raydori (post: My notebook - Raydori),
and today, we will look inside my Raydori, and how I use it. 

Raydori has been my EDC (Every Day Carry) ever since I got it.
It has been in my bags, bag pockets, and ever the side pocket of my cargo pants / shorts.

On the left, it's a side pocket sticker cut out of the bank-book sleeve. 
It is something similar to what Midori Traveler's Notebook offers - Pocket Sticker.
On the right is a plastic passport cover which I got from a local bookstore. 

The passport cover acts as a holder, which currently holds my Kinokuniya Singapore membership card. 
After the passport holder, I have a self-made "Kraft paper folder" made out of an unwanted envelope. 

The quotes are a constant reminder for me - 7 Seeds of Success.

The pockets of the Kraft Paper Folder are cut out from an A4 size envelope, and join with tape.
It might look ugly, but at least, it serve it's purpose. 

The kraft pocket folder currently holds some loose papers, and my stencil ruler.  

It is hard to find a short ruler that fits into my Raydori.
I chanced upon a 10cm-ruler, which cost 4 times theamount for a 15cm-ruler.
I need something which I can draw lines. This stencil works well, and at a very cheap cost.

I have 3 notebooks (some people call them "inserts") inside my Raydori.

The first notebook (the pictures above): 
Every morning, I will pen down the tasks I need to complete for the day.
I am using the Task function of Bullet Journal, which works well for me.
(Check out Bullet Journal, I find the methods really useful.)

Second notebook:
Read-Watch-Listen (RWL) + Ideas

RWL is where I pen down the things that I want to read up, watch on youtube, or the song that I heard it somewhere, and find it interesting.

The Ideas segment is where I pen down crazy ideas. 
It is useful, especially when I am on public transport, and an idea strike me.
I just have to pull out my Raydori and start sketching it down, and refer back when I have the time. 

Third notebook (the insert created by Ray):

As memories are not working out well for me during the aging process, 
I rely on notebooks to keep information. 
In my previous notebooks (before I use the Raydori system), information is everywhere in the notebooks, and I had trouble searching for them at times. 
So with the Raydori system, I decided to have one notebook solely for information, 
which works like a Yellow Pages. 

At the back is where I keep my receipts, name cards and even stamp. 

This pen holder from Daiso is similar to Midori Traveler's Notebook Pen holer,
but at a much cheaper cost. 

I love the scratches on my Raydori - these scratches are like battle scars. 
I had accidentally drip a drop of lacquer onto my Raydori (as seen on the top left of Raydori). 
It affected me for a while, but after a while, I find it attractive - at least, my Raydori is unique. 

Scratches are everywhere on this soft leather cover. 
I love it this way. 

Raydori has been an useful notebook system for me.
If you are a systematic person, and want to have a system in your notebook,
this will be an interesting idea that you can explore.

Blank and Write
~ Everyone deserves a notebook ~


  1. I enjoyed your post on your Raydori! I love the simplicity of it. I am currently in a compact Filofax, and I love including color and decoration in my inserts. I'm feeling inclined to leaving that and setting something up similar to yours! I need to find some of those clear passport holders, though.

    1. Hi Liz, many Filofax users seem to like this Traveler's Notebook style system. You dont have to leave Filofax, and you can also own a Raydori as well :) You can get one Raydori, and try out both, and see which is more suitable for you.
      The clear passport holder is good, but I am tempted to DIY a zipper file :)