02 November 2013

My notebook - Midori Passport Size Traveler's Notebook

I first discovered Midori Passport Size Traveler's Notebook through Patrick Ng's Scription

It was, Love at First Sight.

I remembered, when I saw (and touched) the passport size MTN was in Hong Kong. 
It was a struggle and whether to get this notebook because at that point of time, I have no use for an additional notebook. So, I didn't get it in the end. 

When I saw 2013 Dairy Pack, I knew I have to get it. 
It was a right decision. 

Together with the 2013 diary pack, I had also gotten the (1) the brass pen, (2) an limited edition passport notebook refill, and (3) a pen holder for the brass pen. 

(2) The limited edition passport notebook refill.

Why do I get the MTN Passport Size when I already have the Regular Size?After using 2012 diary pack for MTN regular size, I realized that I have nothing much to write in my dairy / planner. I wanted a smaller planner, which is easy to carry around; Something that I can put inside my cargo pant's side pocket.

What do you use this MTN for?
The initial set up only consists of 2 booklets: (A) 2013 Planner; (B) A notebook.
(A) 2013 planner records my appointments and my work schedule.
(B) This notebook contains important information that I can refer to when I need it.

And of course, this MTN evolved as the time goes by.
For the past few months (starting from 2013), I have modified this MTN to suit my needs.
The advantage of Midori Traveler's Notebook is its flexibility to suit the user.

1 system, many purposes.
~ Blank and Write ~ 

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