12 November 2013

My notebook - Raydori

Raydori, a leather cover notebook created by Ray Blake. 
Ray, is the founder of My Life All in One Place, a place where you learn more about FiloFax, Midori Traveler's Notebook and other personal organiser system. 

What is a Raydori?
Raydori is a Midori-Style Traveler's Notebook, and it get it's name after the creator, Ray.
Thus, this is how Ray-Dori came about. 

Raydori comes in a few sizes (passport, FieldNotes, and full size), 
and different colors (subjected to availability).

What's my Raydori about?
I always have a notebook with me where I pen all sorts of information in it - ideas, contact information, merchant details, password, etc - everything is everywhere, and it's very messy. 
Soon, it got sick of the dumping everything inside a notebook, and I had trouble finding the information that I wanted. 

I wanted a change in my personal organizing system.
I wanted a system which I can pen information by categories.
I was also using a Midori Passport Size Traveler's Notebook, but there's more a personal planner, which I do not want to mix things up.
I wanted something similar to my PP Size TN, but something different.

That is when I discovered Ray's creation.
I decided to link up with Ray and he was kind enough to make me a Raydori (for free, thanks Ray).

I got a FieldNotes (FN) size Raydori (for 3.5" x 5.5" notebook insert), which came with a handmade notebook (the word "INFO" was written by me). 

After receiving my Raydori, I cant help to put in my Field Notes notebook in it. 

Now, Raydori is part of my EDCs (stands for Every Day Carry).
I created a system that makes penning of information much easier

To get a Raydori.
Simply drop Ray an email at ray.blake@gmail.com 
to discuss with him on the specification you want for your leather notebook. 

The price is as follow:
Passport / FN size - £18
Full size  - £25
(price subjected to change)

Everyone deserves a notebook.
~ Blank and Write ~

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