17 November 2013

My notebook - Field Notes

My first encounter with Field Notes was back in year 2008.

I read so much good reviews about this (little) notebook, and couldn't understand what makes it so good.
I wanted to find out more and was eager to get a pack for myself. 

I came to know that Casual Poet was selling it, and decided to check-out that place. 

A little about Casual Poet.
Casual Poethttp://blog.casualpoet.com/, was a little cafe hidden in the busy street of Chinatown. 
Located in an old building, it was a cosy corner which served food and coffee. 
It was a good hide away from the busy life.
(Looking back at the pictures of Casual Poet on Goggle, it brought back a lot of sweet memories.)

Back to Field Notes.

I got my pack of Field Notes in Dec 2008, and used it for my notes taking. 
It was one of the best paper notebook I had.
I brought it out to the great outdoor, and it was nice to pen notes in it. 
Field Notes works well anywhere - and I can easily slot it into my Midori Traveler's Notebook.

It was ALL GREAT, but it had it's downside - The Price.
 It was priced at SGD$17 for a pack of Field Notes, which broke down to SGD$5+ for a copy of the notebook - and that was why i stopped getting my supply.

So far, I only own 2 FN notebooks (I gave one away), and I keep them like treasures. 
After I finished the first copy, I treasured the 2nd copy so much, and only decided to use it recently. 
The 2nd copy is now in my Raydori, and I used it for my "Read, Watch, Listen and Ideas. 

Looks like my love for Field Notes is back again, and I am looking forward to own more of it.

Everyone deserves a notebook.
~ Blank and Write ~

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