06 November 2013

How I use my Word.Notebooks?

After sharing about Word. Notebooks in my previous post
let me share with you how I use the system that is built inside the notebook. 

When I just started using this notebook, 
I was still using the Bullet Journal method when I created my To-Do-List (TDL); 
Then I realized, the circle can serve as a Task check box too.

Now, I started to get use to the System, and it helps. 
As I am using Uni Jetstream 4&1, I can interchange the colors on my pen easily. 
And when I completed the task, I will just have to put a X to it. 

Every morning, I will fill the page with a list of tasks to fulfill, and the Dots serve as bullets pointers. 
X indicates a task is completed. 

After learning about Bullet Journal, I decided to create a Light Bulb icon to indicate an Idea. 
For ease of understanding what's an Light Bulb Icon, here's a sample taken from the internet:

Tonight, I decided to pen some quotes onto my Word. Notebooks with my fountain pens.

The first quote was written with a Lamy Safari, F nib. 
The outcome wasn't that beautiful, and the ink bleed through the paper a little.
The second quote was written with KawecoSport, F nib.
The outcome wasn't that bad as compare to the previous, but still, it doesn't appear nice.

I still prefer to use my Uni Jetstream 4&1 for my Word. Notebooks. 

So much for the sharing.

Everyone deserves a notebook.
~ Blank and Write ~ 

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