14 November 2013

What I got today!! - Doane Paper

Surprise gift from ChungHowe
(Thanks ChungHowe!!)

I came across doane paper sometimes back and I like the design of the notebooks.
I wanted to own some of the notebooks, but they do not do ship to Singapore. 
(I am still thinking of a way to get them.)

Few weeks back, ChungHowe got hold of some doane paper (black utility notebook)
and he is willing to share one copy with me :) 
After busy with work for both of us, we finally met up - and there's so much to catch up. 
Did i mention i got my copy of Word.Notebooks from him as well? 

Soon, I will explore this black utility notebook, but not now.
I am still in the midst of putting Word.Notebook into a wear-&-tear-test.

Everyone deserves a notebook.
~ Blank and Write ~ 

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