01 January 2014

New Year, New Leather Cover, New Systems

A Happy New Years to all my readers! 

May you have a blessed 2014 ahead, and 
your Love for notebooks grow over the days. 

Over the months, I have gotten some new stuffs; and I will review them slowly.

But today, I am going to introduce the new notebook cover that has been my EDC (Every Day Carry) for the past few week - Cody's Traveler's Notebook.

Among all the leather covers that I have, I must say, I really like this cover a lot. 

I am attracted by the natural leather color, the softness and the smell of the leather.

I even have him punched my name on the cover - SAINT. 

What's inside my system?

Inside this leather cover, its contains 2 notebooks - (1) Standard Memorandum 2014
and (2) Blood Red Field Notes.
This cover has a side pocket, which allows me to slot my receipts and a flexi-ruler in there. 

Standard Memorandum 2014 is my planner for 2014.
I have my schedules and appointments all pen down inside this little book.
Without the luxury of spaces, I can only pen short notes in it, for example:
"*0900 - Gym at Delta"
"*1100 - Mum's med appt"

Behind the Standard Memorandum 2014 planner is the Field Notes where I pen down almost anything and everything - TDL, budgets, expenses, contact information, blog planning, shopping list, etc. 

Cody has stitched a pen loop to the top of the cover, and this allows me to put in my Midori Brass Pen. 
I have this brass pen for a long time, but I have not fully utilize it.
With this set up, I have been writing with the brass pen almost everyday.
I started to enjoy the smoothness of this brass pen; it just make this whole system Perfect. 

I started this system on the 13 Dec 2013, and as of today, 01 Jan 2014, I am half way through my Field Notes; so you can imagine how much I am writing with this system. 

This is a leather cover that's worth investing in.
As I do not want to share personal email publicly, do drop me an email at
if you are interested to get one of this cover.
I will reply you with Cody's email.

~ Everyone deserves a Notebook ~

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