25 January 2014

My 2014 Resolutions Book....

The Experiment:
149 subjects were divided into groups, some of which wrote down their goals and some didn’t.

At the end of four weeks, subjects were asked to rate their progress and the degree to which they accomplished their goals.

The Results: 
Goal achievement was 52% higher when people wrote down their goals.

With the start of every New Year, resolutions are made, and written at the back of the planners. 
Some of the resolutions are achieved; Some were long forgotten; 
Ink was wasted as those written resolutions were just a yearly ritual. 

A simple browse on the internet will lead you to many ways to keep track to your resolutions.
For example, Addicted2Success shared 7 Ways to Write New Years Resolutions and Stick to Them, which I find the pointers very useful. 

For this year, 2014, I am going to do something different.
Rather than wasting my ink and paper plotting somethings that I don't refer to, 
I am writing down all my resolutions into the notebook, and the steps to achieve them. 

My Guidelines:
* All resolutions / goals / dream, are to be written inside a notebook.
* Rules are set.
* Each resolution owns a page in the notebook. 
* Top of the page contains the Resolution, and actions/progress must be chartered onto the page.

I found some red Moleskine Cahier hiding in my storage box, and decided to use one as a Resolutions Book (there's a reason on why I choose Red).
I keep my Resolutions book in my Raydori

Not wanting to confuse myself with resolutions places all over the notebooks, 
I categorized the resolutions into different categories.

Some rules are set to be broken, but some Rules are set to be Golden
I set some rules to give myself some guidelines to follow. 

The purposes are making resolutions is to save time and lead a better life compared to the past years. 
For me, saving time means knowing which areas of my life to improve.
For example,
I have not better spending meaningful time with my family for the past years due to work commitments, and I decided to make a change. I listed some ideas so that I can plan my schedules to
make time for Family.

After filling up the notebook with the desired resolutions, there are still many blank pages left in the notebook.
Certainly, I am not going to put these pages to waste.
These are the areas where I pen some not-so-important goals that I'm planning to achieve.

As I have only started this way of journaling my resolutions this year, and I have no idea how this system works. I will share more about the progress along the way - and advise on some areas to improve on for this system.

~ Everyone deserves a Notebook ~ 

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