05 January 2014

Davis Leatherworks with Field Nuts Logo

Few months ago, I chanced upon Chris Davis' (owner of Davis Leatherworks) post on the leather cover with Field Nuts logo, and it got me tempted.

Since I have been eyeing at some of Davis Leatherworks' product, I decided to purchase this unique cover. 

Few weeks ago, I got the cover in my mailbox. 

This is the front of the leather cover.
According to Chris, the color of the leather should be Brown CXL.

Field Nuts logo is embossed at the bottom. 
For a Field Notes fan like me, I find it pretty cool to hold my FNs in a Field Nuts Leather cover.

I spoken to Chris on the Facebook,  managed to get his help to monogram my nick onto the cover. 

 The elastic band, which runs through the spine, is use to hold the notebook inside the cover. 

The notebook is close by a elastic band that is attached to the elastic band that's on the spine. 

This is how the cover look like when it's open up. 

The inner side of the leather cover. 
As you can see, there's only one elastic band inside the cover, 
as compare to the rest that I have, there are usually 2 elastic bands. 
This leather cover can only hold 1 notebook.

With some help of rubber band, I can connect 2 notebooks together. 
And the cover is large enough to hold up 2 notebooks, maybe 3.

To hold the 2 notebooks together,
I use Connecting rubber band from Midori Traveler's Notebook.
Here's the instructions on how to use the Connecting rubber band. 

This leather cover looks good and feels good.
My only dislike for this leather cover is the elastic bands. 
It is not easy to close the cover with this elastic band.
Looks like I am going to do some modification to this leather cover.

~ Everyone deserves a notebook ~

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  1. Hello, Could you share how you modified this leather cover?