08 January 2014

Another leather cover from Monique Vanmeulebrouk

Back in November 2013, I wrote a post about the leather cover that I've gotten from 

Shortly after that, I emailed Monique to request for another leather cover; but this time, 
its for me younger sister, Xuan. 

Monique and I had a short discussion about leather cover - 
the color = Brown;
 the size = FN Size;
the type of inserts = Graph and Line. 
And I leave the rest to her creation.

I wasn't expecting anything fancy, but just a neat leather cover for my sister as a birthday and Christmas gift will be enough.

But.... my jaws dropped when I saw her reply (with pictures) on my Facebook:

Photo from Monique

Photo from Monique

Photo from Monique
Above are some of the photos sent from Monique.
Monique had put in all her heart and love in making this leather cover. 
I couldn't thank her enough for making such lovely present for my sister.

Here are some of the pictures taken by me.
The leather is slightly softer compare to mine, and it's nice to hold.
There are 2 inserts (notebooks) for this leather cover.
This one is with graph paper.

The file folder for holding small pieces of paper.

The 2nd insert (notebook) is with line paper.
All the notebooks are created by Monique - print, cut and stitch - all by herself. 

A tag attached to the bookmark string with the name of my sister.

Till now, I have ordered, not 2, but 4 leather covers from Monique. 
Every individual cover is uniquely created, but Love, and Heart. 

Do check out Monique's DaWanda shop, Morgan Le Fae's Trinkets
which sell many interesting items that were made by her.

~ Everyone deserves a Notebook ~  

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  1. Very beautifully packaged! Those journals are nice. Your sister has a beautiful journal.