28 October 2013

How I used my Midori Regular Size Traveler's Notebook previously?

A notebook user will not run out of ideas on how to use a notebook. 

My regular MTN had gone through a few transformation... but it usually bounce between:
Work; Personal; Planner; & Ideas.

I would pen down notes and information into the MTN whenever I went for meeting.
The size of the MTN is also an advantage. 
You can simply grab the notebook and go; you dont even need to put it inside a bag.

Sometimes, I would carry my MTN to the nearest Starbucks, and start to doodle whatever ideas that crossed my mind.

I used to have my planners inside my regular MTN (together with my other notebooks). 

Journaling always clear my mind, so I had a notebook refill just for writing.

The flexibility of the system allows me to change the notebook refills according to my needs. 
If I need to carry more than 2 notebooks in my system, I just have to slot the extra notebook refills at the back; It wouldn't take up too much space. 

Like I mentioned, there are countless way a user can transform his/her MTN. 
And mine, is still changing according to my needs. 

~ Blank and Write ~

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