27 October 2013

Blank & Write - The Introduction.

 Back in 2009, I wanted to create a blog / website to share information about notebooks and pens.
And hopefully with the succession of the blog, I can start selling notebooks online too.
(I even thought of creating my own brand of notebook to sell - and thats certainly a wild dream.)

But, there are already many (many) websites that share information about notebooks, and why would I want to commit to one? 

This idea has been boiling inside me for the past 4 years, and I decided to make it happen.

I was struggling on the name for this blog, and I finally decided to use the name, Blank and Write, based on a photo that I took back in 2009

In this blog, I hope to: 
(1) Write reviews for the notebooks and pens that I have used.
(2) Share information for notebooks and pens. 
(3) Promote Notebooks and Pens that are worth buying. 

I also hope to work with crafters to promote their notebooks.

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